As we enter into the month of May, we hit the road to see the first round of club lamb shows. While we can’t make them all, we stay in touch with those who are showing our lambs to get “the report”. As of this writing, we have one Grand Champion lamb, one Reserve Grand Champion lamb and several class winners and second places. We get just as excited as the kids and parents when our lambs win. Unlike the families showing,


however, when the show is over our work begins. A lamb show is usually the culmination of hard work, long lamb walks, extensive feeding programs and tons of butterflies. As a breeder, my mind is working on the next breeding season. We, here at Auville Suffolks and Club Lambs, tend to be thinking 2 to 3 years out. What will be the next ram purchase and what ewes will we keep for the breeding program.



This year we have been quite pleased with the lambs sired by the Hancock ram we purchased last year. We were humbled to have Mike Hancock visit the farm in March. His words about our club lamb program were rewarding and much appreciated. He even purchased a lamb to be placed and shown in Texas – again humbling. When a man of his stature tells you you’re on the right path, you listen.





So, as we slide into summer and look forward to the summer shows, we will be cheering for your kids and thinking of future lambs. Some people dream of sugar plums dancing in their head, we dream of lambs in the champion drive!

Until next time,
The resident sheep expert at
Auville Suffolks & Club Lambs

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Shearing – It’s the Sheep Farmer’s Almanac to say It’s Spring!



Hello and welcome to the first official blog for Auville Suffolks and Club Lambs.  As I start writing this entry, I am sitting here thinking what in the world could I say that would be interesting to anyone?  Well, let’s see, Martin & I have been raising sheep (Suffolks & Club Lambs) for better than 20 years now.




That officially makes us pretty crazy.  Why in the world would we pick a species that that is born looking for a place to die, keeps us up at nights during the cold days of winter and pretty much robs us of any free time we have.   Well, I can tell you why – it’s the friends we have made all over this country, the joys we have shared watching your kids show our lambs and WIN and the satisfaction we gain from our genetic crosses that flat out work.  That’s why we do this!



As the weather starts to warm up – at least that’s what they tell me on the weather channel, I get excited about shearing lambs.  Now you know for sure I’m pretty crazy if I get excited about a job that takes days, breaks my back (yea for Ibuprofen) and gets wool in places that it’s not appropriate to talk about here.  But here’s the thing, I get to handle each lamb, take pictures of them, research what their momma did last year and the year before that, and see if I made the right choice in the cross this year.  So, over the next couple of weeks, don’t feel sorry for me as you think about that sheep lady shearing lambs, you can bet I have a smile on my face!


Until next time,

The resident sheep expert at

Auville Suffolks & Club Lambs


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Hello world!

Welcome to the Auville Suffolks & Club Lambs blog!

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